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DDFarm is a business directory wherein we have the best vendors and other businesses that are in organic dairy farm. This is a one shop stop for people who are looking for information on Organic Dairy farms,products, wholesaler and consultant. Here at DDFarm, we have managed to cover the desi Indian cow farms and its benefits against the foreign cow.  We are known for our services in providing the best vendors who have the expertise in organic farming and organic products such as Desi milk, ghee, butter, paneer etc… Gone are the days where the vendors and businesses had to run to millions of sites and ads to get all their services done, but now with DDFarm, you can find all the solutions for your organic milk products at a single place. Suppliers or businesses or any other services ancillary to organic dairy farm is very simple now by simply posting your needs. We believe that going forward organic dairy product will be in demand and we need to educate people all over the world that we as an Indian had working with Indian cows which produce world best milk. Again, DDFarm is the only committed to educate our community as well as world community about benefit of having our organic dairy farms and its products.

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Why Us

Our services are free of cost to our customers and vendors. That means prices are low and customers are happy. We provide information which is trusted and reliable to the customers because customer satisfaction and ease of accessibility is our motto. The users can directly contact the vendors. This leads to elimination of middle man.

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  • It is crucial for people to keep their personal details personal. We keep the safety of the personal details of our clients, as well as our vendors, our top-most priority. Don’t worry about your contact details, because as soon as both the parties get each other’s details, we erase the client’s personal details of our directory.
  • Quality is a factor that DDfarm cannot compromise with. We ensure that the clients get the best services, and every guest feels that they are having the prime time of their life. We also provide the customers with the options to decide what kind of quality they would render upon.

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Our Views

Typically, the native Indian cow milk has coolant effect on the body as well as mind and the milk is sweet in taste. Besides, it improves Ojas that is considered as the element responsible for immunity. Also, A2 milk nourishes the body tissues while acting as a natural aphrodisiac. Similarly, the cow milk rejuvenates and enhances life expectancy, whereby improving intelligence as well as body strength. A2 is also known to relieve dizziness, tiredness and excessive hunger and thirst. And how it does so? Simply by helping in easy movements of the intestines.

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